Customer Loyalty That Connects Brands & Retailers With Local Shoppers

One App to Find Great Deals + Earn Free Fuel Rewards For Driving to The Stores

How It Works

Here is how easy saving money with Oodles Rewards can be.

Find the deals you like and “Tap” the fuel icon to get free gas money when you use the merchant’s promotion.

Later that morning…

You go shopping for clothes at the mall. You redeem the promotion from your phone and saved $10 on your purchase. You also received $.75 cents in free gas money from the retailer for being a loyal customer.

Around lunchtime,

You found another deal from a popular local burger house that was 3 miles away and “Tapped” to save it. Upon redeeming you saved $2 on the burger and for being a loyal customer you were also rewarded with an additional $.50 cents in free gas money.

Later That Day

You went to your favorite local coffee shop and saved money on your daily latte and croissant. This time you were able to earn $.35 cents in free gas money for again being a loyal customer.

On Your Way Home

The “low fuel alert” light turned on and using the Oodles Rewards app, you were able to find the closest gas station with the best price. Throughout the day today you accumulated $1.60 in free gas money and you redeem this money at the gas station. Now you couldn’t be happier because you saved money on everything you did today, shopping, lunch, coffee, and gas all with Oodles Rewards.