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Save on Gas This Holiday Season

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Save on Gas This Holiday Season

With the holiday season in full swing, many Americans are hoping on wrapping the year up with a winter getaway. Whether it be just a short in-state drive to a nearby winter resort, or a road trip across the country to spend time with family, there is no doubt that Christmas week will be one filled with travel. In fact, AAA forecasts that an estimated 98.6 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more from home during the 2014 holiday season, marking a four percent increase from the 94.8 million people who travelled last year. However, if you are anything like the average American, high gas prices can be a hindrance on holiday travel, causing hesitance and unfortunately in many cases, decisions to not travel at all.

Fortunately, FuelSignal, an innovative GPS based mobile app allowing users to find real-time gas prices and discounts from participating retailers, may be the perfect solution this holiday season, allowing you to make your travels while saving big bucks.  The app, which is currently in beta launch in Austin, Texas, has a simple and intuitive interface which enables you to start saving money as you make your annual winter road trip in just a few quick steps.

Download the Free App                                                                  

During the costly holiday season, chances are you don’t want to spend any more money. Luckily, the FuelSignal app can be downloaded at no cost on both iOS and Android within seconds. Before starting your trip, be sure to install the app, turn on your GPS tracking settings, and prepare yourself for the savings underway.

Get Low-Fuel Notifications                                                             

As you make your road trip singing along to your favorite holiday tunes, the FuelSignal app with GPS tracking device, will give you a notification when you are low on fuel. It will then search for the nearest gas station offering you, a loyal FuelSignal customer, substantial discounts on your fuel and in-store purchases.

Save More Every time You Refuel                                        

Continue using the FuelSignal app, even after your holiday road trip is over, and see your discounts grow with each purchase. You can save money not only at the pump, but also redeem your loyalty points for in-store purchases! Before you know it, you will have saved hundreds of dollars on fuel and suddenly won’t feel as guilty for having overspent on gifts during the Christmas season.

Share the App with Your Friends                                              

Nothing says being in the holiday spirit like the gift of sharing. If you love the app, spread the joy of savings by sharing FuelSignal with your friends and family. The power to save in now in the palms of your hands. Be sure to “Like” our page on Facebook and “Tweet” about FuelSignal. Happy Holidays!

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