Marketing and Analytics Platform Connecting Brands & Retailers With Local Shoppers.

Increase Revenue & profit with more new and repeat loyal customers

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Simple and Powerful Marketing With
Results You Can Rely On!

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No Startup Cost

We make sure you have minimal startup costs by implementing our “pay-per-transaction” business model and by providing our Merchant app which eliminates all hardware costs.

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More Repeat Customer Visits

Drive new and repeat customers. Businesses generate about 61% of their annual sales from returning customers.

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Increase Revenue and Profit

Drive more sales, revenue, and increase profit all without breaking the bank!

How It Works

Easy To Use

The first ever-comprehensive
loyalty program designed for
small to medium size businesses
that provides customers with store promotions and complementary
Fuel Rewards.

Turn existing customers into loyal customers

Acquiring a new customer is about 5 times more expensive than keeping your existing customers

Fuel Rewards That Get You More Repeat Customers

Customers will drive more to your business over your competitors. You
promote your business and Oodles Rewards keeps bringing them back.

Rise Above the Competition

Standout with your one-of-a-kind loyalty program that will extend your businesses brand into your customers everyday lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oodles Rewards?

The Oodles Rewards app makes it easy for its users to save money on fuel by shopping at participating retailers and gas stations. The Oodles Rewards Loyalty Program mobile app solution help businesses and communities connect in real-time and convert every customer transaction into a relationship. Oodles Rewards offers a unique proposition in the industry that is attractive to consumers and to businesses. Oodles Rewards is the industry’s first “Connected Car” based Fuel Reimbursement Loyalty Program platform for small and large fuel and non-fuel retailers.

How is Oodles Rewards different from other loyalty programs?

Oodles Rewards understands the consumers’ pain at the fuel pump. Customers will have a unique opportunity to earn Fuel Credit for redeeming promotions at participating retailers. Customers will now frequent to your business more often because there is added value that extends out into their everyday life. Oodles Rewards rewards the customers with Fuel Credits in your behalf, encouraging more customer engagement.
Other loyalty programs charge outrageous set-up fees to join or use their loyalty platforms. Oodles Rewards eliminates all setup fee and charges on a convenient “pay-per-transaction” model. The days of paying large amounts for traditional advertising with less than favorable results are over!

How will Oodles Rewards help my business?

Oodles Rewards will drive new customers; strengthen your relationships with existing customers and help you gain valuable customer insight all within a simple and elegant platform.

How much does it cost to use Oodles Rewards?

There is no upfront cost using Oodles Rewards to drive customers to your business. You will only be charged for customers that have been to your business and redeemed a promotion. Oodles Rewards ensures that you are only paying for advertising after we have already driven traffic to your business.

How much is the set up fee?

Oodles Rewards does not charge any setup fee to join and use our platform. We only charge your business based on the number of customers that go to your businesses and redeem promotional offerings. ~ First 25 customers are complimentary for a limited time!

What is the Oodles Rewards Merchant app?

Oodles Rewards provides you with a robust merchant app that enables you too redeem promotions, validate customer ID’s, and track your campaign revenue. Once a promotion has been validated through the merchant app, your customers will instantly see “Free Gas Money” from Oodles Rewards at no extra cost to you.

How can I track redemptions?

Using the Merchant app to scan every customers QR code will ensure that you have the most accurate and up-to-date redemption analytics.
You will be able to track your redemptions through the My Promos tab within the merchant portal. In addition to the merchant portal, the merchant app will be used for promotion validations and redemptions.

Who pays for the free gas money customers receive?

Oodles Rewards issues Free Gas Money as a contribution to the customer community. A portion of Oodles Rewards’s transaction revenue is given back to the customers to encourage higher customer retention and engagement with your business.

How long are deals featured?

Merchants have 100% control of how long a deal is featured. You will be able to drive customers during slow hours, keeping your business busy all the time. Limiting the time a deal is featured will also assist you with crowd control, should your business already be busy.

Can I offer real time deals to my customers?

Yes, you will have full control of how, when, and who sees promotional offerings to your business. Full control gives you the ability to keep your business busy with customers at any time of the day, whether it’s 6am or 12 Midnight. The dreaded “slow hours” now become opportunities to drive new customers that otherwise would not know about your business.

Get Me More Customers Today!