Frequently Asked Questions From Merchants


What is Oodles?

Oodles is the 1st of its kind loyalty platform that drives more repeat loyal customer visits by offering great store promotions while Oodles provides mileage based fuel rewards, which keeps them coming back and spending more. Oodles converts every transaction into valuable customer relationships.


How can I encourage my customers to use Oodles?

Every business that joins Oodles will receive digital material, posters, social media along other marketing items & joint activities to help advertise your new loyalty program. Employees will have the ability to sign up customers through the merchant app. It is important to let the customer know that great deals are available only through the app. An Oodles representative can also help you create timely and relevant deals.

Occasionally the Oodles team will be sending out “Oodles Blasts” to all customers within the Oodles network ~ if you would like your business to be considered for one of these “Oodles Blasts” please reach out to us either through email or phone.


Types of promotions available to seamlessly encourage customers to use Oodles at your store, all of which create a sense of urgency:

  1. Timed promotions
  2. Push notifications
  3. Targeted ads
  4. Geo-location promotions


How will Oodles help my business?

We make it easy for business owners like yourself to be able to create your very own customer loyalty program that competes with the large retailers. Oodles will drive new customers, strengthen your relationships with existing customers and help you gain valuable actionable customer insight all within a simple and elegant platform.


How is Oodles different from other loyalty programs?

Oodles understands that customers not only need to save money one their everyday purchases but also the ongoing pain at the fuel pump. When customers redeem promotions at your business, Oodles will reward the user with some Oodles FuelCash which helps cover any fuel and travel costs associated with traveling to your business.


Customers will now frequent to your business more often because there is added value that extends out into their everyday life. Oodles rewards the customers with Oodles FuelCash in your behalf, encouraging more customer engagement.


Other loyalty programs charge outrageous set-up fees to join or use their loyalty platforms. Oodles eliminates all setup fees and charges on a convenient “pay-per-transaction” model. The days of paying large amounts for traditional advertising with less than favorable results are over!


How can I start using Oodles?

Go to and click on the Merchant tab, fill out the merchant sign-up form or contact an Oodles representative and we will gladly assist you through the sign-up process.


Can I manage several store locations & different promotions for each store?

Yes, store owners are able to easily manage each individual store along with specific promotions for each store. Along with managing promotions, owners can also assign different levels of account access to store managers or employees.




What is the Oodles Merchant app?

Oodles provides you with a robust merchant app that enables you to redeem promotions, validate customer ID’s, and track customer spending at your store. Once a promotion has been validated through the merchant app, your customers will instantly see their savings with you as well as Oodles FuelCash from Oodles at no extra cost to you.


What is the Merchant Portal?

The Merchant Portal is available to all retailers who signup with Oodles. Anything and everything you need to manage your business, track promotions, view customer statistics overall analytics, and so much more is all found within the Merchant Portal.



How much does it cost to use Oodles?

There is no upfront cost or setup fees for using the Oodles platform to drive customers to your business. You will only be charged for customers that have been to your business and redeemed a promotion. Oodles ensures that you are only charged for successful customer conversions.


How will Oodles affect my marketing budget?

Oodles will allow you to spend less while being more efficient with your marketing budget. All of your marketing dollars are spent on a 100% successful conversion rates unlike most traditional advertising, at around a 2% conversion rate. All of your advertising dollars are spent on successful customer conversions opening the ability to issue better promotions to your customers, which creates a great customer experience that drives them back over and over again.



Who pays for the Oodles FuelCash that customers receive?

Oodles issues Oodles FuelCash as a contribution to the customer community by helping them minimize their fuel and travel expenses. A portion of the Oodles transaction revenue is given back to the customers to encourage higher customer retention and engagement with your business.


How much does it cost to run a campaign?

Oodles works directly with you and your business to create successful promotions that will encourage customer engagement. Oodles charges a flat fee for every promotion that is redeemed at your business. The Oodles fee is approximately 15% of the amount paid by the customer and is negotiated on a case-by-case scenario.

  • (i.e. Pizza shop promotion: Buy 1 lunch for $10 and get 1 lunch free (a $20 value))
    • $10 = amount paid by the customer to your business
    • 15% of the paid amount by customer to your business is $1.50
    • $1.50 = will be the only fee paid to Oodles for every customer redemption


How will I be billed?

Merchants are able to maintain full control of their budgets in real-time. Merchants load an advertising account, which will be debited as customers redeem promotions. The billing process can be compared in a similar fashion to the way your current search engine advertising platforms charge you on a per-click basis.

  • e. Pizza shop merchants account has $200 and just had 35 Oodles customers redeem promotions for lunch
    • (35 customers) x ($.50 ea. /customer) = $17.50 would be deducted from the Pizza shops merchant account


How much is the set up fee?

Oodles does not charge any setup fee to join and use our platform. We only charge your business based on the number of customers that go to your businesses and redeem promotional offerings. ~ during our launch phase we will have many great offers, so reach out and see how we can help you out!




Merchant Portal & Data Analytics


Do I need to use the Merchant app?

Yes, this is the way customers interact with your business. Customers will have their QR code scanned by your Merchant app before every purchase.


What sort of store data can I get?

Using the Merchant app for every customer’s transaction is very important in order to have the most accurate store and customer data.

Through the merchant portal, you will be able to track new customer signups, referrals, promotion redemptions, customer purchase history at your store, customer shopping data at Oodles network retailers, distance traveled to your business to redeem a coupon, revenue from promotions, and gas stations will see additional fuel data.


What sort of data does Oodles gather about my customers?

Through the Oodles merchant portal you can see your customer’s name, email, phone number, specific customer referrals, number of visits, visit history, birthday, customer favorites. You can also track metrics like revenue from coupons redeemed.


How can I track the success of my promotions?

Within the Oodles merchant portal dashboard you will see an overview of your store as well as your promotion activity. The “promotions tab” within the portal will give you detailed metrics on all your promotions.


How can I track redemptions?

Using the Merchant app to scan every customers QR code will ensure that you have the most accurate and up-to-date redemption analytics.

You will be able to track your redemptions through the My Promos tab within the merchant portal. In addition to the merchant portal, the merchant app will be used for promotion validations and redemptions.


How can I track customer activity?

The Oodles merchant portal dashboard provides an overview of your store as well as your customers’ activities. Going into the “customers tab” will allow you to see customer details as well as referrals generated from those customers.



How can I increase my average customer spend?

Oodles helps you gain valuable loyal customers that will spend more, but keep in-mind that creating the right type of promotions to offer your customers is critical to driving more increased customer spending. Promotions that are intended for more than 1 person will help get your customers, to not only bring additional people but will also increase the likelihood that they will spend over and above the promotion value.


If you need any extra help feel free to reach out to our wonderful Oodles Staff.


Deals & Promotions

How do I offer customers new deals?

Using the Oodles merchant portal, you can create a number of different types of promotions. You will have the ability to choose specific dates, times, offer values, and targeted offers. If you need any additional help reach out to our team or feel free to checkout our tutorial videos & notes.


What sort of deals can I offer?

For the most part the sky is your limit. If you have a special request, please contact us.


Pro Tip: Capturing the most data possible out of your customers

Offering promotions available to everyone will get you some great customer data as well as valuable feedback, but want even more? Targeted deals or deals that are only seen by certain groups of customers are a great way to capture valuable customer insight.


How will customers see my deals?

Customers will see all your deals within the Oodles App. Oodles will be actively engaging customers through various forms of messaging services (in-app & out-app), which will also highlight promotions that are near the customer.


How long are deals featured?

Merchants have 100% control of how long a deal is featured. You will be able to drive customers during slow hours, keeping your business busy all the time. Limiting the time a deal is featured will also assist you with crowd control, should your business already be busy.


Can I offer real time deals to my customers?

Yes, you will have full control of how, when, and who sees promotional offerings to your business. Full control gives you the ability to keep your business busy with customers at any time of the day, whether it’s 6am or 12 Midnight. The dreaded “slow hours” now become opportunities to drive new customers that otherwise would not know about your business.


How many promotions can I send to my customers in a month?

Most retailers can send as many as you would like but there are a few retailer Oodles plans that do not have unlimited promotions.


Can customers’ favorite my business to receive notifications about future deals?

Yes, customers can favorite your business. When a customer favorites your business, they will also receive push notifications on their mobile phones when you put up a new deal.


What are all the ways Oodles will let customers know about my deals?

Oodles makes it so that customer see business that are nearest to them at the time including their chosen “Favorites.” We will also be sending out push notifications, emails, and more to our customers with all the newest and most relevant deals.


Will Oodles include my deals in marketing?

Yes! In addition to promoting your business within the Oodles app we will be sending out push notifications, emails, and more to our customers with all the newest and most relevant deals.

Occasionally the Oodles team will be sending out “Oodles Blasts” to all customers within the Oodles network ~ if you would like your business to be considered for one of these “Oodles Blasts” please reach out to us either through email or phone.




Can I grow my social media presence with Oodles?

Yes, you can definitely grow your social media presence with Oodles. As your customers redeem your promotions with Oodles, their activity is posted to Facebook, Twitter, and others making them brand advocates for your business. Oodles further helps grow your social media presence by rewarding users for being active on social media & sharing promotions with their friends and family.






What is Oodles FuelCash?

Oodles FuelCash is given to customers for driving from their current location to retailers & upon redeeming their promotion; they are rewarded with Oodles FuelCash. FuelCash can only be used at Oodles partner gas stations. This is Oodles’ way of rewarding the customer community, while keeping them engaged.


Can customers redeem Oodles FuelCash at my business?

Currently customers will only be able to use Oodles FuelCash at Oodles partner gas stations.

On the other hand there is Oodles Cash, which can be redeemed at any network Oodles retailer, including your business.


What is Oodles Cash of the Oodles Cash Card?

Oodles Cash is offered by the Oodles team to reward users for taking their relationships forward with the oodles loyalty platform. All types of Oodles cash can be redeemed with any Oodles network retailer, including all non-fuel retailers & gas stations.


How will customers redeem their promotions?

The customer will show the cashier a QR code on their phone. Using the Oodles Merchant App, the cashier will scan the QR code to redeem any promotions the customer may have.


Are my customers going to be reminded about any promotions they have saved but haven’t redeemed?

Yes. A user will receive a reminder message to visit the store before expiration if they have not visited the store yet.


Can I specify how many coupons can be redeemed?

Currently you will have the ability to create promotions that are 1 time use as well as multi use offers. In addition to quantity limits you have the ability to limit feature time and much more.



What is the Merchant Portal?

The Merchant Portal is available to all retailers who signup with Oodles. Anything and everything you need to manage your business, track promotions, view customer statistics overall analytics, and so much more is all found within the Merchant Portal.


What extra equipment will we need to use Oodles?

The only item you will need is the device that you will have the Oodles Merchant app active on. The device can be a tablet (recommended) or phone.

Reach out to us for our list of suggested devices to use with the program.


Do I need Wi-Fi for Oodles?

Yes, your business will need to make sure that the device is connected the Internet.


Can I sign my customers up for Oodles?

Each cashier will have the capability to sign customers up for Oodles through the merchant app. You can also keep track of how many sign ups each cashier gets.


What is the Customer sign up process?

Customers simply download the app and within a few clicks they are signed up. Encouraging the customer to favorite your store once they signup will help them keep up-to date with all your promotional offerings.


Who owns the customer data?

Oodles exclusively owns the license to capture, store, use, and transfer any and all Customer/User Data pursuant to these Merchant Terms, and subject to the requirements of these Terms and Oodles’ Privacy Policy. Oodles retains all ownership of all data collected by the Oodles platform.


What do I do if I have technical problems?

Please feel free to call or email us if you have any issues with the app or equipment. We will do our best to address any issues immediately.



What kind of support will I get?

Oodles is located in Austin, Texas. Our team here in Austin, TX is just a phone call away should there be any issues, questions, and/or comments.


Are there training materials available for my employees?

Yes, Oodles will provide a training video for you and your employees. We recommend a general meeting for your employees so that everyone is thoroughly trained. Oodles can even conduct a live tutorial for your employees conducted similarly to an online webinar.

Once you have signed up with Oodles, you will find all the training videos within your merchant portal.


Who do I contact if I have an issue or want more information?

For any questions or issues email us at and an Oodles representative will contact you to resolve any issue in an efficient manner.