Customer Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oodles Rewards?

Saving money with Oodles Rewards is super easy! Oodles literally means a large quantity or a lot of and we do just that by helping you earn as much cashback as possible on all your shopping. Oodles Rewards serves as a rewards hub where you can access fun and exciting promotional offers from some of the most popular brands & retailers, a chance to earn additional Oodles Bonus Cashback rewards for redeeming offers, digitize loyalty cards and while in your “Smart Connected Car” (current autos: Ford Motors) receive highly-targeted location-based offers. Oodles is a digital way to rack up valuable cashback rewards from all your favorite brands & retailers.
Oodles rewards you with free Oodles Bonus Cashback for driving and making purchases at participating retailers. It is the industry’s first loyalty program that rewards customers with free Oodles Bonus Cashback for every drive they make to Oodles Rewards retailers.


How does Oodles work & how do I save money with Oodles?

You will see all the Oodles retailers’ coupons, promotions, and deals from nearby restaurants, beauty salons, ice cream shops, grocery stores, convenience stores/ gas stations and so much more. Next, you select the promotion from retailers by simply saving the promotion by clicking the Oodles rewards box found next to the title on every promotion. You may see an offer such as:

  • i.e. Pizza shop promotion: Take $4 off a $10 regular priced lunch, plus get an additional $1 in Oodles Bonus Cashback

When you visit the Pizza shop, you will simply purchase your lunch like you regularly would and make sure to keep your receipt. Make sure to click “Upload Receipt” on the promotion screen to verify your purchase. Bam, you’re done and usually within 24 hours you will receive both your Cashback and your Oodles Bonus Cashback.

How do I become an Oodles member?

Takes less than 60 seconds, all you have to do is download the free Oodles app and sign-up.

Where do I download Oodles App?

You can download Oodles for free through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

How much does Oodles cost?

Using the Oodles app is completely, absolutely, and without a doubt will always be free for all customers. The more you use Oodles, the more money you will save and earn at all your favorite stores & on your favorite brands.

Where can I use Oodles?

From the Oodles home screen and you will see a list of everything nearby such as restaurants, grocery, salons, gas stations and so much more. You can sort the results by price or promotional discount being offered. Oodles encompasses a large network of retailers such as grocery stores,restaurants, coffee shops, our extensive gas station network, and so much more.

How do I earn Cashback?

With Oodles anytime you purchase one of the promoted items and upload a receipt to validate your purchase, you receive Cashback. After the purchase is verified Oodles will also reward you with additional “Oodles Bonus Cashback” as our way of saying thank you & for driving to the store. -Yes, this is really free extra money!


How do I redeem or withdraw my earned Cashback?

With the Oodles app you go to your “Account” screen and click the “withdraw” button. The next “withdraw” screen will show you many different retailers e-gift cards you can choose from for redemption. Oodles will also have other exciting gifts from various partners (these rotating gifts will be unique and very exciting!).


How do I know the gas prices are correct?

We make every attempt to ensure that our gas prices are as accurate as possible and in most cases the prices should be correct. In the event that you notice an inaccurate price please report it to us and we will make sure to fix it as quickly as possible.

How can I find the closest gas station to me? 

Within the Oodles app there are two ways to find nearby gas stations along with any other category. The 1st way is to simply go to the “Gas” category from the home screen and within here you can sort the list of the stores by price or distance. The second way is to use the map and locate nearby stores.


Why should I turn on my GPS?

Turning on your GPS will help you earn more cashback & provide a better a experience.

  1. When you open up the app you will be given much more accurate nearby stores and more accurate distances to the stores.
  2. You will see accurate Oodles Bonus Cashback that will be earned upon redeeming any promotion.
  3. Your “Low fuel alert” will help you when you most need it -in your connected car or through the mobile app


What is the “low fuel alert” notification and how does it work?

The “low fuel alert “ is a notification you receive when you are running low on fuel. From the “Settings” section of the app you will click “Update Vehicle” and go to the last field titled “Alert at Minimum Fuel Level”. This is where you choose how many miles away from empty you would like to receive the “low fuel alert”.

  • i.e. You set your alert to 20 miles before empty. When you car is 20 miles away from running out of gas, you will receive the “low fuel alert”

    What information does the “low fuel alert” give me?

    The “low fuel alert” will give the nearest gas station to you with the best prices and their promotions. From this screen we make it easy to also view other stores near you and their available promotions.

    Can I use Oodles with a credit card loyalty program?

    Yes, even when you are using a credit card based loyalty program, you will be able to use Oodles to save even more on all your gas station purchases. (Many of the gas brands have credit cards, helping you save money so using Oodles in addition to these cards will help you save even more)


    How do I use use promotions inside the store and earn cashback?


    • Simply grab your items inside the store
    • Pay the cashier as you normally would
    • On the promotion screen click “Upload Receipt
    • Verify that all your items are on the receipt
    • Make sure to align the receipt and finalize uploading
    • Congrats, you have just redeemed the promotion and will be rewarded shortly! Within 24 hours you should receipt both your Promotion Cashback & your Oodles Bonus Cashback

       Where can I find my earned Cashback?
      You can find all your earned Promotion Cashback and your Oodles Bonus Cashback in the My Account section within the Oodles app.


      Do any of my Promotion Cashback or Oodles Bonus Cashback rewards expire?
      All of your Cashback rewards only start to decrease after 12 months of inactivity. An account is deemed“inactive” after 12 consecutive months of no promotion redemptions. Starting on the 13th consecutive inactive month a fee of $4.99 will be deducted from your Oodles Bonus Cashback & only once these rewards are gone will any deductions be made from your Promotion Cashback balance.


      How do I keep track of my savings and Cashback earnings?

      You can keep track of all your transactions by going to the “Activity” tab within the Menu. Here you will see all your transactions including any Promotion Cashback earnings, Oodles Bonus Cashback earnings, promotion redemptions, cashouts, and more.

      Can I share deals with my friends and family?

      Yes, let everyone know about the app and you will also be rewarded. We have created a nice user friendly friend referral screen that lets you easily & quickly send out your referral link & earn rewards along the way.



      How do I sign up for Oodles?

      You can start saving money in less than 60 seconds. Simply, download the app, create your account, and save money everywhere you go and never pay full price ever again.


      I forgot my password, how can I login?

      Within the Oodles app home screen simply tap ”Forgot Password” and you will soon be sent an email with the password-reset instructions.


      How do I update my personal information?

      Login to the Oodles App, tap the settings button, and then tap Update Vehicle to edit your vehicle. You will be able to edit items such as your Starting Odometer Reading, Remaining Fuel in Take, Average Mile Per Gallon, and Alert at Minimum Fuel Level.


      How do I delete my account?

      If you are certain that you do not want to keep saving money at partner gas stations and would like to delete your Oodles account email us at


      Who do I contact if I have an issue or want more information?

      For any questions or issues email us at and a Oodles representative will contact you to resolve any issue in an efficient manner