Customer Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oodles Rewards?

Oodles is a universal loyalty program that helps you save at all your favorite businesses & gas stations. Every business in the Oodles app creates their very own loyalty program for loyal customers, just like you!


How does Oodles Rewards work?

Customers see all the Oodles retailers’ coupons, promotions, and deals from nearby restaurants, beauty salons, ice cream shops, grocery stores, and so much more. Next, customers select the promotion from retailers by simply tapping the promotion. You may see an offer such as:

  • e. Pizza shop promotion: Take $4 off a $10 regular priced lunch, plus get an additional .50 cents in Oodles FuelCash)

When you visit the Pizza shop, you will simply present your saved coupon offer at checkout, saving you $4.00 on lunch. Once the transaction is completed, you will see the additional 50 cents of Oodles FuelCash in your account that you may now spend at any network gas stations found in the Oodles app.

All Oodles gas stations are also offering great in-store promotions and additional discounts on all fuel purchases. Thus, one single Oodles loyalty app can save you money across many retailers.

How do I become an Oodles member?

Takes less than 60 seconds, all you have to do is download the free Oodles app and sign-up. In some cases you may also be able to sign-up at a business directly with an employee.

Where do I download Oodles App?

You can download Oodles for free through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

How can Oodles help me save money?

Oodles will help you save money on all your everyday purchases at your favorite businesses & gas stations. By using Oodles you can feel confident in knowing that you not only save money every time you go out in your city but also anytime you shop at gas stations, either to fill up your car or buy snacks. By using great promotions at partner retailers, Oodles also rewards you with Oodles FuelCash, helping you save on those cumbersome gas prices.

How much does an Oodles membership costs?

Oodles membership is completely, absolutely, without a doubt free for all customers. The more you use Oodles, the more money you will save and earn.

Where can I use Oodles?

Tap the “Near Me” button on the home screen and you will see a list of everything nearby such as restaurants, salons, gas stations and so much more. The Oodles network of retailers such as salons, restaurants, coffee shops, clothing and accessories, our extensive gas station network, and so much more.


How do I earn and redeem Oodles FuelCash?

With Oodles you earn valuable Oodles FuelCash for using promotions at all of our partner businesses & are able to redeem Oodles FuelCash with any of our network gas stations.

If you are redeeming promotions you will either need to have the QR code within the specific promotion scanned or if you’re using more than 1, mark all the deals you want to use and they will be saved into your QR code to be redeemed in 1 scan.

After redeeming a promotion you will see the Oodles FuelCash that you have earned.


How do I know the gas prices are correct?

Our prices will always be accurate and we do this by getting prices directly from our partner stores. Because we work directly with our stores all promotions, discounts, and gas prices will always be accurate. ~if for some reason you see an inaccurate price, let us know.


Why should I turn on my GPS?

Turning on your GPS will help you in several ways.

  1. You will be given accurate store and travel distances.
  2. You must turn it on in order to “Save” or “Mark” a promotion & see the Oodles FuelCash you will earn upon redeeming the given promotion.
  3. You will be able to track your exact mileage
  4. Your Fuel Log purchase history will be accurate
  5. Your “Low fuel alert” will help you when you most need it


My GPS is ON, why is the app not able to locate me?

Check the GPS and Location settings of your phone, if your location settings look correct, then try to go outdoors or somewhere with fewer structures around you.

Lastly if all else has failed please go ahead and try to see if uninstalling and reinstalling fixes the issue.


What is the “low fuel alert” notification and how does it work?

The “low fuel alert “ is a notification you receive when you are running low on fuel. From the “Settings” section of the app you will click “Update Vehicle” and go to the last field titled “Alert at Minimum Fuel Level”. This is where you choose how many miles away from empty that you would like to receive your “low fuel alert”.

  • e. You set your alert to 20 miles before empty. When your car is 20 miles away from running out of gas, you will receive the “low fuel alert”


Can I use both a credit card loyalty program and Oodles?

Yes, even when you are using a credit card based loyalty program, you will be able to use Oodles to save even more on all your gas station purchases. (Many of the gas brands have credit cards, helping you save money so using Oodles in addition to these cards will help you save even more)


What is Oodles Cash, how do I earn Oodles cash?

Oodles cash is a token of appreciation to our true customers in the form of Cash, which can be redeemed at any Oodles partner store with absolutely no limitation to where you can spend your Oodles Cash.

We offer Oodles cash to our customers for various activities such as social sharing, customer referrals, outdoor marketing, and taking the ownership of promoting Oodles loyalty platform within their circles. We believe in rewarding our customers for each and every association with Oodles.

Spread the word: Invite friends in the app

Earn Oodles Cash when friends do: You earn Oodles cash along with your friends

Social Sharing: Share the app within your social network to get most customer referrals, and subsequently Oodles cash.

Redeem your Oodles Cash at different Oodles partner store


I got a new phone. Did I lose all of my Oodles Rewards?

You should not get worried about losing your Oodles rewards, as all Oodles discounts, rewards and gas credits are tied to your social profile, email address, and phone number. As long as you are logged into your app with the same email address and password used with your old phone, the app on your new phone will have all of your rewards and discounts.



How do I use promotions inside the store?

Using 1 promotion:


  • Simply pickup your items inside the store
  • Have the cashier scan the QR code found within the promotion
  • Congrats, you have just redeemed the promotion and will be rewarded with Oodles FuelCash shortly!


Using 2 or more promotions at once:

  • Mark and choose all the promotions you would like to redeem for your current visit.
  • Pickup all your items inside the store
  • Have the cashier scan the QR code found on the “STORE” screen
  • You have now just redeemed all your promotions for this store location with 1 scan


How do I earn rewards for my gas purchases?

  1. Within the app, choose all the promotions you would like to use and save them ~ they are added to the QR code on the “STORE” screen
  2. Have your QR code scanned by the cashier before making a purchase
  3. All your promotions are now redeemed
  4. You will now see any your savings as well as any earned rewards


How can I redeem my rewards Oodles FuelCash at gas stations?

*Some gas stations may not be using a merchant app to scan your QR code. For theses merchants you will need to enter your Oodles ID into the PIN pad inside the store or outside at the pump. (Oodles ID is 11+phone number including area code)


Where can I find my Oodles FuelCash & Oodles Cash balances?

You will be able to easily find all your earned cash within your Oodles Profile.


When can I use my earned Oodles FuelCash?

Once you accumulate enough cash to reach the threshold, you are able to redeem you Oodles FuelCash.

For store specific gas station discounts can be redeemed on your next purchase. All you have to do is scan your Oodles QR code before your purchase to see if you have credits that are ready to redeem.


Do any of my rewards or credits expire?

Your earned Oodles Cash or Oodles FuelCash do expire but you will have more than enough time to make sure you get to take advantage of your earnings.

Promotions on the other hand have a limited feature time, so take advantage of them quickly.


How do I keep track of my savings and Rewards Points?

You can keep track of all your Oodles Cash & Oodles FuelCash by logging in to the Oodles App.


How do I save money at the pump?

Oodles rewards you for your loyalty at our partner gas stations. When you are at the fuel pump make sure to enter your customer ID or you may need to go inside to complete the transaction 1st.

  1. At the gas pump type in your customer code (usually its your phone number). Some gas stations may not have the technology to let you complete the loyalty transaction outside & you may need to go inside to complete your transaction.
  2. You get cash rebates for each gallon of fuel you purchase.
  3. The Cash can be used on your next purchase


Can I share deals with my friends?

Yes, let everyone know about the app and you will also be rewarded with Oodles Cash, which can be redeemed at any Oodles partner stores. We have social buttons so you can share deals easily with your friends.


I don’t have a smart phone/ I don’t have my smart phone on me, how can I take advantage of deals?

We will soon launch an online sign-in option on This way you can still earn OODLES FUELCASH and take advantage of great deals!


How do I link a credit or debit card?

This feature will be coming soon, giving you the ability to link offers directly to your chosen credit or debit card.


Do I need a loyalty reward card?

We think you have too many cards so we don’t make you carry one either. Oodles does not currently use loyalty reward cards.


How do I sign up for Oodles?

You can start saving money in less than 60 seconds. Simply, download the app, create your account, and never pay full price at gas stations ever again.


I don’t have a smart phone, can I use Oodles?

Oodles will soon release an online sign-in option for those without smart phones or prefer managing their account online. Email us any suggestions at


I forgot my password, how can I login?

Within the Oodles app home screen simply tap ”Forgot Password” and you will soon be sent an email with the password-reset instructions.

How do I update my personal information?

Login to the Oodles App and tap “Settings”. Then tap “Edit Profile” to edit your name, phone number, email, password, and zip code.


How do I update information about my vehicle?

Login to the Oodles App, tap the settings button, and then tap Update Vehicle to edit your vehicle. You will be able to edit items such as your Starting Odometer Reading, Remaining Fuel in Take, Average Mile Per Gallon, and Alert at Minimum Fuel Level.


What is mileage tracking?

You are able to track how much fuel you are using and when your chosen limit is meet you receive the “low fuel alert” letting you know you are running low on fuel.

Types of tracking available:

  • Mileage Tracking with GPS ~ if you keep your GPS on the app will be able to automatically track your fuel level (recommended by the Oodles team)


  • Manual tracking ~ you would need manually enter all your fuel data


  • Tracking with Ford ~ if you have a Ford vehicle you will be able to sync the Oodles app up with your car.


How do I delete my account?

If you are certain that you do not want to keep saving money at partner gas stations and would like to delete your Oodles account email us at


Who do I contact if I have an issue or want more information?

For any questions or issues email us at and an Oodles representative will contact you to resolve any issue in an efficient manner