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CES 2015: GPS based mobile app ‘FuelSignal’ Points to the Future of Fuel Saving Technology

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CES 2015: GPS based mobile app ‘FuelSignal’ Points to the Future of Fuel Saving Technology

FuelSignal mobile app is the basis for a wide range of information to save fuel and earn reward points from indication of fuel level to finding right place for refueling at discounted price

FuelSignal was the winner of Ford-sponsored app developer hackathon in conjunction with the Connected Car Expo at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show

Ford has announced to launch FuelSignal mobile application officially at the 2015 International CES in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, December 17, 2014. At the CES 2015, the company focusing on fuel saving and fuel station locator technology will showcase the forward looking capabilities of its GPS based mobile app loyalty program solution ‘FuelSignal’. Thanks to this app, users are able to find real-time gas prices and discounts from participating retailers. Its “patent pending” technology alerts the driver with low fuel notifications and connects the driver with nearby gas stations in real-time showing accurate gas prices and discounts. App users can also update refuel log history and odometer reading to save time and money.

In principle, the FuelSignal mobile app focus on building features that all cars support and fabricate an efficient and hassle free driving experience.

CES 2015: The connected view to the future

At the International CES in Las Vegas January 6 to 9, 2015, FuelSignal will demonstrate a new stage in the evolution of the FuelSignal mobile app together with its automotive accomplice FORD.

Price remains the dominant reason why people buy gas at a particular location. Majority of consumers feel that they consider price to be the most important factor in determining where they buy gas. FuelSignal recognises the need to stay on top of prices and therefore allows its users to find the lowest possible fuel prices. The app also provides a comparison tool that lets the users locate some of the best fuel prices near his location.

FuelSignal provides additional convenience for drivers to pay for their fuel purchase using a mobile wallet at the pump via AppLink. Every purchase completed through the app earns loyalty credits that can be used inside the location or applied as further discount for fuel purchases.

Numerous applications of FuelSignal!

With the use of FuelSignal mobile app saving money on food, drinks and gas has become easier as the mobile app provides reward points to the user after each and every gas refueling.

FuelSignal mobile app intends to radically change the way drivers search for gasoline, connecting them to the best available options and helping to reduce time spent at the pump. The mobile app allows the user to see all the deals being offered at gas stations near his preferred location and helps the community save money on gas and in-store purchases at gas stations.

Now, the vehicle owners have the privilege of earning credits at all participating stores through the usage of a single mobile app ‘FuelSignal’.  A user can also monitor the money / credits / rewards grow in his / her loyalty rewards account and redeem it for food, drinks, or fuel.


Major Highlights of the FuelSignal Mobile app are as follows:

  • Save Money every time you Refuel
  • Get low fuel alert notifications automatically based on GPS Tracking preferences
  • In-store deals / rewards on food and more
  • Active users are entered to win the company’s weekly $50 giveaway!
  • Real-time discount and savings – accept the push notifications on your phone, fill up gas by cash or credit card, and get instant savings credited to your account. Redeem now or get the credit accumulated.
  • See the money grow in your loyalty rewards account and redeem it for fuel or in-store purchases.
  • Updates refuel log history, odometer reading, amount, etc.
  • Save time and money.


Forward Looking Statements:

FuelSignal is looking forward to extend its services in the field of Insurance Telematics and ON-Board Diagnostic or OBD-II. The OBD-II data port is a standard feature on all modern cars, providing access to fuel and mileage data. Therefore an OBD device allows the data received from the connected cars to be transmitted via a mobile app as you drive. The app then analyzes this to log a range of data including fuel efficiency, driving style and engine performance. The app linked with the OBD device combines the received data with GPS information to help in fuel saving and finding perfect fuel efficiency.

FuelSignal will further enhance and develop its GPS based mobile app to compel with technologies such as OBD-II and be a pioneer in mobile based technology used for Fuel efficiency and Insurance Telematics.

To fulfill its initiative FuelSignal has partnered with connected car firm Mojio. Mojio is a peripheral that plugs into your car’s on-board diagnostic port (OBD II) and works with a mobile app to bring the ability to track your trips, diagnose problems with your car, share vehicle location, and more via a dedicated app store. With the help of FuelSignal mobile app Mojio will provide the vehicle driver with information related to accelerometer, speed, harsh braking, and RPM along with the driver’s trip score to analyze the overall driving points and increase fuel efficiency. Mojio will also offer road warriors mileage tracking and quick and easy fuel efficiency reports.

The partnership will help both the companies to extend its user base and make an influencing position in the connected car aftermarket solutions.

About the collaboration between FuelSignal and FORD

‘FuelSignal’ won the FORD APP PURSUIT HACKATHON for the GPS based mobile app solution for users to find real-time gas prices and discounts from participating retailers. FuelSignal utilizes Ford SYNC® AppLink™ and more than 200 data sets—provided by the City of Los Angeles—to notify drivers when their fuel levels are getting low while providing directions to the nearest gas station. Additionally, FuelSignal acts as a payment method that allows drivers to get gas at a discount and accumulate loyalty points that can be built up towards goods or additional fuel discounts.

As a part of the grand prize package, the team behind Fuel Signal will be appearing on-stage at the 2015 International CES in Las Vegas as part of Ford’s presentation.


*FuelSignal has become Oodles Rewards

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