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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oodles Rewards?

The Oodles Rewards app serves as a rewards hub where users can access coupons, see mileage based fuel rewards, digitize loyalty cards and receive location-based promotional offers. Oodles Rewards is a digital way to rack up store points, Fuel Credits, and redeem the fuel reimbursement rewards and points at participating fuel retailers. Oodles Rewards rewards you with free gas money for driving and making purchases at participating retailers. It is the industry’s first loyalty program that rewards customers with free fuel money for every drive they make to Oodles Rewards retailers.

How does Oodles Rewards work?

Customers see all the Oodles Rewards retailers’ coupons, promotions, and deals from nearby restaurants, beauty salons, ice cream shops, grocery stores, and so much more. Next, customers select the promotion from retailers by simply tapping the promotion. You may see an offer such as:

(i.e. Pizza shop promotion: Take $4 off a $10 regular priced lunch, plus get an additional .50 cents in Fuel Credit)
When you visit the Pizza shop, you will simply present your saved coupon offer at checkout, saving you $4.00 on lunch. Once the transaction is completed, you will see the additional 50 cents of Fuel Credit in your account that you may now spend at any Oodles Rewards gas station.
All Oodles Rewards gas stations are also offering great in-store promotions and additional discounts on all fuel purchases. Thus, one single Oodles Rewards GPS based mobile loyalty app can save you money across many retailers. 

How do I become a Oodles Rewards member?

Takes less than 60 seconds, all you have to do is download the free Oodles Rewards app and sign-up. In some cases you may also be able to sign-up at a business directly with an employee.

Where do I download Oodles Rewards App?

You can download Oodles Rewards for free through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

How can Oodles Rewards help me save money?

Oodles Rewards will help you save money on all your everyday purchases at and away from the gas station. By using Oodles Rewards you can feel confident in knowing that you not only save money every time your car needs fuel but also at all the participating non-fuel retailers in your city. By using great promotions at partner retailers you also get free Fuel Credit, helping you save on those cumbersome gas prices.

How much is Oodles Rewards?

Oodles Rewards membership is completely, absolutely, without a doubt free for all customers. The more you use Oodles Rewards, the more money you will save and earn.

Where can I use Oodles Rewards?

Tap the “Near Me” button on the home screen and you will see a list of everything nearby such as restaurants, salons, gas stations and so much more. You can sort the results by price or promotional discount being offered. Oodles Rewards encompasses a large network of retailers such as salons, restaurants, coffee shops, our extensive gas station network, and so much more.

How do I earn and redeem Fuel Credit?

With Oodles Rewards you earn free gas money for using coupons and promotions at all of our partner stores. Use the Oodles Rewards app to have your “tap n’ save” QR code scanned before you make any purchase to make sure you earn rewards. If you are redeeming promotions you will either need to have the QR code within the specific promotion scanned or if you’re using more than 1, mark all the deals you want to use and they will be saved into your “tap n’ save” QR code to be redeemed in 1 scan.

How do I know the gas prices are correct?

Our prices will always be accurate and we do this by getting prices directly from our partner stores. Because we work directly with our stores all promotions, discounts, and gas prices will always be accurate.

How can I find the closest gas station to me?

Tap the “Gas Stations Near Me” button from the home screen to see a list of the results. Oodles Rewards uses your GPS location to give you the most accurate search results.

Certified Partners:

Oodles Rewards is proud to be a certified partner with industry leading companies to provide you with fully integrated end to end loyalty solutions for your business.

Get Me More Customers Today!